Ques 1: What is a vinyl wrap?

Ans 1: A vinyl wrap can change the complete look of any vehicle's painted body. Primarily, vinyl wraps are made up of vinyl films. They are high-quality stickers fixed on the painted body. The wraps are accessible in a wide range of colors and custom designs.

Ques 2: What are the specifications of a vinyl wrap?

Ans 2: Vinyl wraps come in many colors, designs & textures. Commonly, the roll size of wrap is 5ft x 67 ft = 335 ft, sufficient to cover any vehicle. The vinyl wraps are self-adhesive and used on any surface with hands.

Ques 3: What is the life of a vinyl wrap?

Ans 3: At Airnox, we give 3 years warranty on self-adhesive vinyl wraps. However, it has been experienced that these wraps are good to be utilized for 5 to 10 years. The life of vinyl wraps depends upon the conditions, as well as on the quality of vinyl used.

Ques 4: Are vinyl wraps removable?

Ans 4: Yes, vinyl wraps are perfectly removable. Just like adhesive stickers, they are easy to remove from any surface. While using the vinyl wraps, you need not to remove the primary paint color of vehicle. They don’t harm the original color.

Ques 5: What all things are covered in the Airnox warranty policy?

Ans 5: There is a warranty of 3 year on the vinyl wraps. We are focused on providing the best products & services to our customers. If you get a damaged product from us, we will replace it immediately. We make sure that our vinyl coating maintain the original color of the car. While removing the vinyl cover, follow Airnox effective guidelines.

Ques 6: A feature of vinyl wrap says it is scratch-proof. What does it mean?

Ans 6: Normally when you clean your car with cloth, you see minor scratches. The friction between the cloth and the paint makes these scratches. Mostly, these are visible in the strong light. When you clean your car by vinyl wrap, the minor scratches will appear, but the scratches will fade away automatically when the car comes in the contact of sunlight.

Ques 7: Do vinyl wraps come in many colors & shades?

Ans 7: Yes, there is a wide range of colors, patterns & textures. Also, we offer customized design to our customers. You can select from varied gloss, semi-gloss, metallic, matte, flake, carbon fiber, matte metallic, brushed steel, leather-like and chrome finishes.

Ques 8: If I get a vinyl covering done on my car, won’t it depreciate the resale value of my car?

Ans 8: No, a vinyl covering will not depreciate the value, as it is just like adhesive stickers. It can be easily removed anytime, without fading or damaging the original color of your car.

Ques 9: Why should I prefer vinyl wrap over paint?

Ans 9: A vinyl wrap has several advantages over the conventional painting job. A vinyl wrapping is very affordable and it does not damage the original paint of the surface. Whereas painting a car reduces its re-selling value as the original color gets damaged. Also, the Vinyl wrapping protects the primary color of your car, and can be separated easily. The wraps also prevent rusting of the vehicle.

Ques 10. How much does it cost to wrap a vehicle by vinyl wraps?

Ans 10. Every vehicle has a different requirement, so prices differ on the ground of the reach of vehicle wrap. Our prices are affordable, and depend upon the kind of vehicle, surface complexity as well as the film type.


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